The Dreamweaver

It all happened so fast and completely took him off guard. He didn’t like it when people touched him, regardless of how pretty they were. Yet here she was in his arms, this woman flapping her hands around, acting like a lunatic.

Almost caught Dust from the warm dry earth lifted up when the Corvette came to a screeching halt. The driver got out of the car and felt the heat of the summer air stroking the left cheek. One glance over the riverbank made the driver smirk. Good! The boat is here, well done blondie! The …

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A killer of a story The loud noise of glass breaking woke her up abruptly. She gasped for air and sat up straight in bed. She was wide awake now. Her attempt to jump out of bed failed miserably, when her feet got stuck on the sheets. Panicked she tried to untangle herself, making it …

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