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'The Accelerator' is an easy to use tool that quickly shows you the specific themes in a Human Design Chart. It illuminates everything you need to see about the design within 10 minutes, allowing you to save time and money. Whether you use it for preparing a client's chart or just reading a chart for yourself, you will go very deep into the design, very fast! Together with the NLE method, 'The Accelerator' is a catalyst for positive change!  

(Aspiring) Human Design teachers and/or chart readers, coaches, (aspiring) yoga teachers, high sensing souls aka 'Illuminators'

Illuminators are life explorers. Lovers of personal growth. They are on their own soul journey and love sharing what they've learned in order to make the world a brighter place. Illuminators know that this starts from within. By reconnecting with our truest self over and over again. The light within. We are brave enough to shine the light on our shadows and make them appear. We are fearless in that sense. It's scary, and we do it anyway. We take inspired action and always dive deeper and further. We quiet down when we feel the need to. We seek clarity & light the way for others. We love. We shine.

Are you an illuminator?✨

The accelerator, combined with the NLE method, is a catalyst for positive change!  

This method itself is a simple three step method that supports you in your soul journey to luminous awareness. Once you master this method, you will be able to apply it to every challenge that you face in life. Time and time again. 

When you just want to apply the extensive knowledge that Human Design offers and don't want to spend thousands of dollars and hours on learning about the system, then The Accelerator is perfect for you. You'll quickly and easily see the themes that your soul chose for you to work with in this lifetime. You'll clearly see your potential and your shadows. As a bonus you'll receive 'The Next Level Embodiment Method', which supports your journey to a higher consciousness. Mastering this method allows you to feel confident & move forward with inspired action. 

Yes! 'The accelerator' is a unique tool, designed for those who want to dive quickly and deeply into their own design and/or give more in depth readings to others. It is made so that you can easily see the specific themes that your clients carry within their personal chart, their 'toolbox'.  It shows the connections within the chart in a very clear overview. If you already have extensive knowledge of the gates, circuitry and variables and know these connections by heart, then you probably won't need the accelerator. Even so, it can still be quite convenient for you, as it allows you to quickly prepare in-depth Human Design readings for your clients.

You need to have a basic knowledge level of Human Design.

If you're new to Human Design & recognize yourself in the description of an 'Illuminator' then start anyway!! Click on 'Get instant access' to find tips & videos on where to start gaining the necessary (free) basic HD knowledge. 

When you download The Accelerator itself, you'll have access to it forever, so long as you save it 😉

The prototype of The Accelerator will be given for the price of $47,-  for a limited time only. The price will go up once the full content has been uploaded, including the NLE method, and tutorial videos on the nuances within the gates. If you're new to Human Design, click on 'Human Design Basics'. Enjoy and see you soon in The Accelerator!

At the moment the prototype is in the making. For now you can get started with Basic HD knowledge in the app.

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