Access The Human Design Accelerator

If you know the basics of Human Design you can get started right away with the ‘Accelerator’.  Click on the ‘Access the Accelerator’ button below and go to the ‘Start here’ link within the Acellerator to see how to make the most out of your exploration of the Human Design Themes.

Once you know how it works you can play around with it and cross reference search anything you wish to.♡

If you’re (relatively) new to Human Design -> Choose the Human Design Basics button below to get to know the basics you’ll need to make full use of  ‘The Accelerator”

Enjoy! Xoxo

PS: The Accelerator is a work in progress and keeps on being updated with information. As soon as the Accelerator has been updated, a new link will pop up, so you can always log in and access the Accelerator from in here.