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Monique Birgitte

Monique Birgitte

Before this website became the platform for growth for sensitive multipotentialites, ‘Truly Feel Good’ was a place where short stories about life, love, happiness, gratitude and general mindfulness were shared.

At that point I was traveling the world. Meeting many people, and got acquainted with different cultures and points of views, learning many new things and seeing the most gorgeous locations. Here is what I wrote back then: 

All of this inspires me. When I get inspired, I write, take pictures and make videos. Basically, because I just love doing this and by sharing my experiences with you, I hope to inspire you with the life lessons that I’m learning and have learned along the way.

Happier people makes for a happier world

To make the world a happier place one person at a time, that is what I wish to accomplish!

Through sharing my stories, I intend to create the awareness that we are all capable of feeling happiness by accepting who we are and appreciating ourselves by being true to just that. By enjoying the little things in life, whatever it is that you are doing and wherever in the world you are. There is a positive to everything that might feel negative. My stories are raw and come from the heart, they are not always the happiest but they are true and they are who I am.


This is where inspiration flows. It’s about life, positivity & mostly a place where awareness grows.  Will you join me in the amazing feeling that being yourself brings and take your own journey?




Hi, ik ben Monique! Een ‘Life Voyager’ zoals een producer/manager uit New York mij zo mooi noemt. Deze voel ik wel. Ik ben inderdaad iemand die het leven ziet en voelt als een geweldig avontuur. Dat was langer niet altijd zo…




Ga je eigen ontdekkingsreis aan en voel je ook écht goed. Puur door jezelf te zijn. 

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